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Bram Stoker's Dracula 1992

Bram Stoker's Dracula released in 1992 and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, for me, is one of the best depictions of Dracula I have seen to date. Played by the fantastic Gary Oldman his portrayal of the blood sucking count is wholly believable, frightening, romantic and very disturbing. I say disturbing as this is the only Dracula movie I have watched where I was on Dracula's side. I wanted him to win. I wanted him to get the girl. This only goes to show what a superb depiction of the story this is.

Mina who is played by Winona Ryder is a beautiful young girl that is betrothed to the ill fated Jonathan Harker. Harker is summoned to Transylvania to sort out some legal matters for the count. When the count comes upon a likeness of Mina in Harker's diary he is taken back in time to recall what happened to his one true love. (she committed suicide after being wrongly told of Dracula's death) Mina is the spit of her and Dracula is determined that he should meet her. He believes that Mina is his own dead wife come back to earth to rejoin him.

This film really caught the spirit of the Bram Stoker novel to a tee, while the inclusion of such superb actors as Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing and Cary Elwes as Arthur Holmwood the stage was set. My only criticism of this film is the casting of Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker. Harker is a London solicitor and I am sorry to say Reeves's performance was wooden plus his English accent was horrendous. That said it takes nothing away from the rest of the cast or the movie as they more than make up for his faux par.

The special effects in the movie create a superb atmosphere of tension and capture the essence of London and Transylvania superbly. When Dracula travels to London on board a ship that is battered around on the high seas the urgency is palpable. The love he feels for Mina can be sensed immediately plus the sexual tension between the two is wonderful. When Dracula is transformed into his alter ego he looks magnificent. He appears in many guises all of which are, scare you to death realistic.

Fans of horror or indeed the undead will love this film. It has a unique take on the Dracula story but it is a take that stays true to Bram Stoker's book from beginning to end. It is a tale of intense love, violence, horror and it has some blood curdling scenes that are not for the faint hearted. The movie has a great atmosphere that is made all the more authentic by the superb soundtrack that also has wonderful music.

Bram Stoker‘s Dracula 1992 never fails to hit the mark for me. Other Dracula movies I have seen have been almost tongue in cheek in their depiction but not this version. We are meant to believe that Dracula existed, that it was wholly believable he had unique powers as a vampire and that how he had come to be was not of his making. If you haven't seen this horror version of Dracula then I suggest you buy it for your collection. Mine would be unfinished without it.

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