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Earn to Die 2012

earn to die 2012

Zombie games are guaranteed pieces of quality entertainment that allow you to fight against a common enemy, often in an apocalyptic or globally-chaotic situation. Whilst many zombie games are of the shoot-em-up variety, there are an increasing number of games that like to use the undead as an inclusion in a combined genre experience such as Nuclear Outrun 2, or even Death Penalty

Football, the former bring a vehicle-based distance game with guns and explosions and the latter involving a penalty shootout on a football pitch that is being overrun by zombies. Earn to Die 2012 from Toffee Games is another example of melting-pot madness that combines vehicle-based, high-speed stunts with notes of zombie-smashing and gratuitous upgrading.

After the mayhem of the original Earn to Die, you must once again navigate your way through the scorched wasteland of a post or peri-apocalyptic world in a range of vehicles, smashing into zombies and obstacles along the way.

You are awarded a quantity of cash that is proportional to the distance you travel and the number of zombies that you kill; this is best spent on upgrades to your vehicle in order to be able to travel further next time. You must use the directional controls to navigate yourself across the terrain, with up and down making you accelerate and brake respectively whilst the left and right arrows allow you to orientate your car’s position in the air and ensure that your car doesn’t flip over onto its back which effectively ends the round.

The main challenge of the gameplay is of course to travel as far as you possibly can, preferably to the end of each level and to the checkpoint that waits there. You will find that upgrading your vehicle is essential to make any kind of real progress, and this is one of the most addictive and entertaining aspects of the game.

You can upgrade many aspects of your vehicle in a traditional manner including its engine, gears, tyres, and fuel tank; more radical upgrades come in the form of speed boosters, a mounted firearm, and a spike-laden ‘zombie kit’ that covers the front of the vehicle in order to pulverise anything that can and most definitely will get in the way.

There are also two vehicles for you to purchase once you earn enough money to do so; these vehicles are a battered-looking hummer and a classic yellow school bus. Each of the vehicles are capable of receiving increasingly impressive upgrades such as bigger engines, more gears, turbine boosters ,and even a heavy machinegun once you unlock the school bus.

Even though the game as it stands is brilliantly fun, it is designed as a flash-based demo to give players a taste of what to expect in the iOS version, and as such is extremely limited in its length. It’s a shame that we couldn’t have had more levels to play and more vehicles to unlock, but the game’s impeccable graphics makes it a highly refined in a visual sense, with the illustrations, animations, and the physics all feeling absolutely spot-on. The game even stops the music if you click away from it into another window.

In spite of its length, everything about the game just works perfectly, making it a successful and highly addictive experience and fans will be very excited for a possible release of Earn to Die 3. What will need to be apparent in a third game will be new additions above and beyond the norms of standard sequel which is pretty much riding the success wave of the first game.