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SAS Zombie Assault 3

sas zombie assault

Zombie games come in many shapes and forms: gruesome driving games, distance-based vehicle games, and first-person shooter games are all popular choices, but few encapsulate the terror and the atmosphere of desperation and anything-goes feeling like a zombie survival game. Call of Duty: Black Ops zombies is probably the most widely-known form of zombie survival game, and its format is extremely similar to the third-person zombie shooter that is the subject of today’s brief review, SAS Zombie Assault 3.

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Dark Cut 2 – Gruesome Surgery Game Review

dark cut

One can imagine that performing surgery under pretty much any condition can be quite a stressful occupation, but having to extract shrapnel from an injured soldier during the heat of battle is about ten times more difficult. It is this level of responsibility and pressure that the three titles of the Dark Cut series manage to simulate with great success. Dark Cut 2 is the sequel to an original that laid down a realistic and gruesome framework for a series that takes the well-known surgery simulator format and brings in an unprecedented level of style, realism, and most revolutionarily of all, context. The original Dark Cut saw us operating with the constraints and instruments of circa the medieval period; Dark Cut 2 brings us forward in time for some dicing, slicing and saving of patients in the time of the American Civil War.

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The House 2

the house 2 game

If you are of a remotely scary disposition, then it is recommended that you navigate away from this page immediately since The House 2 is a game that contains such tension and terror that you won't get past the first ten seconds without being scared into a stupor.

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Earn to Die 2012

earn to die 2012

Zombie games are guaranteed pieces of quality entertainment that allow you to fight against a common enemy, often in an apocalyptic or globally-chaotic situation. Whilst many zombie games are of the shoot-em-up variety, there are an increasing number of games that like to use the undead as an inclusion in a combined genre experience such as Nuclear Outrun 2, or even Death Penalty

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